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What a fucking day... gotta love a good B&E with a side order of residential Burglery... FUCK FUCK FUCK - ok well now that the police report has been filed and Angie is staying home tomorrow to figure out all the shit that was stolen there is only that wonderful feeling of being violated. MY HOME MUTHERFUCKER MINE!!

sorry that last bit is a recurring thought that has been running since my daughter called me after school freaked out because the front door was open and the house was trashed. This all on top of my fucking paperwork for the ex wifes "look Drew has two pennies to rub together and I had his child so one of them are MINE!" trial being scattered around... Jewelry missing, computers gone... FUCK FUCK FUCK - at least they left Angies desktop PC.

i need a beer & a dose of reality that doesn't suck bricks.
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