Phasade (phasade) wrote,

somedays are diamonds...

Well as those of you who see my intermittent posts may have gathered things between myself and my ex-wife are at an all time low/high. Let me explain - shortly after I bought my home, and had my son, she sued me for more child support. Now this isn't so unheard of for people to do, but tonight she went a bit too far. As I have said many times, I do hope she gets EVERYTHING she deserves, and can't wait for the day when she realizes that if she would stop trying to demand her way through life, and stop interfearing in my visits with my daughter we could actually work together to do what is right for Kassy. I can only hope that her attorney will fully explain the meaning of "contempt of court" and that she'll actually follow the parenting plan she quotes any time it fits her needs. Add all this to a week without my boss where I took 1/2 a day off and drove to bremerton to watch my daughter dance with her drill team at a football game-only to have the dance canceled due to rain but I did get to see her on a weekday!!! Now I am on the ferry - thinking about going to see my friend Jay who is in ICU @ harborview hospital. A long week but maybe this day will be one of the diamonds.

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