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Crisis = Learning

A walk with me

4 January 1972
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I am the possibility of a stand for the transformation of humanity, one individual at time, with passion, courage and creativity. And I'm giving up the act that "I'm not important"

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Listen to your heart, move according to your heart, whatsoever the stake: A condition of complete simplicity costing not less than everything.... To be simple is arduous, because to be simple costs everything that you have. You have to lose all to be simple.That's why people have chosen to be complex and they have forgotten how to be simple. But only a simple heart throbs with God, hand in hand. Only a simple heart sings with God in deep harmony. To reach to that point you will have to find your heart, your own throb, your own beat.

Osho Dang Dang Doko Dang Chapter 3

Be true to yourself, because your own truth can lead you to the ultimate truth. Nobody else's truth can be your truth. You have a seed within you. Only if that seed sprouts and becomes a tree will you have a flowering; then you will have an ecstasy, a benediction. But if you are following others that seed will remain dead. And you may accumulate all the ideals in the world and become successful, but you will feel empty, because nothing else can fill you--only your seed, when it becomes a tree, will fill you. You will feel fulfillment only when your truth has come to flower, never before.



...........Towards the one
the perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty
...........the only being
united with all the illuminated souls,
who form the embodiment of the master,
...........the spirit of guidance.

The Sufi Message does not call a person away
from a belief or church; it calls one to live it.

-- Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan